Yellow flowers in park, People’s Republic of China

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 09 2011

Category: ※Own Photos※

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I took this photo during a mad ten day tour of China during the World Expo in Shanghai (2010).

Our coach (full-size for our group of eight) stopped off at a park to allow us to use the public toilets.

I was suffering from indigestion:
information overload;
drenched senses;
homeostasis over-drive;
language over-use;
legs, back and feet abuse; and
stomach in turbulence
from all the manic, hectic travel and touring.

Not to mention my status at that time:
general, accumulated fatigue from work and life.

After stepping away from the public bathrooms,
I saw these yellow flowers
planted rough yet neatly,
organically yet with defined structure and
*phew-woom!* a powerful tide of calm hit me. 

I’m sure it was the colour and the
vibration of these flowers’ energy,
all bunched up together to gather life force,
to impart whatever goodness it has been able to accumulate.

Something to digest.


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