Buddhist Temple: say a prayer, take a bow, please the Buddha.

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 10 2011

Category: ※Own Photos※

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Calm the mind,
calm the spirit,
speak to the Buddha,
speak to your will.

Seek your calm,
seek your peace,
think of the world,
think of your place.

Grant your work,
consider your work :
how does it affect you?

How does it affect others?

Who are you?
What will you do?
What do you do?

Is it your future, past or present
that you contemplate.


Sing a prayer.
Sing a song.

Light a candle,
burn a candle,
let it flame,
let it dance.

Let your spirit soar to find yourself.
Find your higher self.
Find your lower self.
Where do you reside?
Where do you feel most comfort?
Where do you feel the least?
What is your most?
What is your lowest?

Consider yourself.
Consider others.
Consider your family and friends.

Put yourself in context.

What do you do?

Your past, present or future?

Which are you contemplating?

Which is your quagmire?

Who is playing you?
Who is dancing on your foolish nerves?

What do you need?

What do you impede?

Say it. Sing it. Pray it.
Think it. Speak it. Do it.

Think it first.
Think before you act.
Think before you do.

If you can’t think or
don’t know how to think,
seek professional help.

Don’t turn to philosophy,
nor religion nor the esoteric. 

Learn. Think.
Structure yourself.

Seek education.

Be it, do it.

Do it now.  Now.



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