Fairies World : the Banyan Tree

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 10 2011

Category: ※Pro Illustrations※

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I stole this picture drawing.

[ Hello Fairies Word, thank you for not calling the police to arrest me. ]

This is a fantastical drawing of a fairy enjoying her lush green surroundings, where the Banyan tree is the centre piece – the focus, the focal point.

She appears joyful, which is really important to me when it comes to choosing pieces of art to reflect upon.  I really have enough misery to share around, I don’t need to be voluntarily choosing more.

To me, it appears as if the fairy has claimed the area as her playground, even the Banyan tree too.

It’s as if she cares for her surroundings, taking it upon herself to monitor, maintain and preserve her surroundings… that is why I only *half* like this painting. 

I love the style, but not the fact that the fairy should actually be more. 

My expectations of fairies are a little more… but maybe I’ve misunderstood the concept of fairies. 

I’m not the one who really knows them,
who studies them,
who remarks on them. 

All I know is that there are some creatures who not only enhance but improve and appreciate their surroundings…
in my eyes it would have been better if she were such a fairy.

But then there would be a battle between Banyan tree and fairy… and in this case, it was chosen for the Banyan tree to be the focal point. 

It is why I chose the picture: I believe it to be a superb portrayal of a fantastical Banyan tree.

Love it.



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