graphics: “Joyful Man”

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 10 2011

Category: ※Own Graphics※

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Notice how I tried to achieve
the impression of different textures,
depths and dimensions of a type of
face that is often difficult to depict. 

I tried to ensure that
this face would
radiate warm joy. 

A type of joy that would be
contagious and easily spread. 

A deep knowing of what is love,
life, happiness and peace. 
What is care.

A type of person that is joyful
through deep insight
of his own accord,
rather than gifted. 

A responsible being. 

A being worthy of your acquaintance. 

Someone who is joyful through good qualities
e.g. sincerity, intelligence and depth;
rather than through stupidity,
ignorance and foolishness.

Hope you may feel similar…
… even just a little bit.


PS I couldn’t bear *not* adding some humour… notice he is a little *over-grown*  –_<  .


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