My hand from a year ago… but it’s changed a bit now.

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 10 2011

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My hand with a manicure
and polish I did for myself.

The nails read “XOXO<3”

While preparing myself for
the mad, bad and hectic 2010 Shanghai Expo
I was inspired enough to create this look.

I don’t know why.

Maybe it was the customised tour.
Maybe it was my first time to feel release
from my work ethic
– which I still have, but it’s different now 
– I am now on a better plateau
following a bout of chronic fatigue
after years of accumulated stress.

Maybe it was the idea of having everything
looked after while away “travelling”.

The flip side of it all?

God, major stuff :
I knew the tour would really
knock me about inside…
I’d be exhausted during and
after the tour…
I guess just what I needed
to really conk out for sure.

What’s different?

For a start, I don’t have the jade bracelet anymore.  The bracelet that I had worn for about ten years.  I’d outgrown it and it was pressing against my wrist.  So I had to visit a traditional Chinese jeweller who knew how to deal with these things.  He smashed the bracelet.  Just as I’d been warned from the beginning.  What I loved about the bracelet?  A lot.  I’d go so far as to say “everything”.  What sets it apart from other jade bracelets?  It is a semi-circle when cross-sectioned i.e. the inner surface has been flattened to better fit against my wrists.  I loved the various colours.  I loved the cool smooth polish.  I loved the way it enhanced my outfits, but discreetly.  All my outfits.  Enhanced.  Discreetly.

So, my whole arms, wrists and hands are ‘fatter’ i.e. bigger, more grown, more mature and *whoopee* older and more age appropriate.

Since that photo I’ve consumed at least 5 tubes of hand cream as well as countless face masks.

I’m the ultimate consumer.

Ms CBY BSc (Hons)


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