“Friendship bands”–my self-made friendship bands to myself

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 13 2011

Category: ※Own Photos※

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Do you like?

Maybe one day I’ll get around to making these for sale in the market somewhere…


That would *really* show how at leisure I am after all these frikkin’ years of being a frikkin’ race horse in the frikkin’ race of life…

… I know noone forced me but it was necessary, I tell it was so.

So, I’m now befriending myself and hence these bands.

I’ve made these things before: always at a time when I needed to get to know myself better, but I wasn’t aware of that.  I just needed something like this and thus I made them myself.  Also, now I’m noting, always at a time when I was transitioning after a period of frightful, audacious sprinting.

I don’t really gift these at all.
They still feel ever-so, *ever*so personal.

I hope you don’t mind… me sharing a bit of my personal self here… –_<


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