Ooh-la-la! My diamond-cut, purple-crystal Mickey and Minnie rings… *calm*

By: cocoa75photoblog

Jul 13 2011

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To me, these rings are quite joyful but more calming.  They give me a sense of calm.  It has been said that the purple colours radiate a vibration of wisdom – maybe that is where I find my calm, through wisdom.  Some people have come up with a new category of wisdom: perceived wisdom.  Anyone know that that is?  I suspect I might know… so I won’t pollute your minds here.  But suffice to say I’m loving these rings.  They’re not for children, not too formal, not too casual… but they enhance my everyday wear while I’m feeling a bit down-and-out. 

A sense of innocence, a sense of purity, a sense of disbelief… all things that I would associate with the results of a Disney-fest.  However, I didn’t find these in a Disney store… *tsk* don’t be ridiculous.  I’m in Hong Kong: you don’t know what you’ll find and where… but there is a sense of Law and Order here, but of course.

Ms CBY BSc (Hons)


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